A random website by a random guy that happens to be me: Daniël Melters. A postdoc who tries to understand why the molecular machine that drives cell division is fast evolving. Originally from the Netherlands. A guy who assumes he is soulless and lives without destiny, but nevertheless sets goals. Who acknowledges he is an animal; an almost naked ape to be more precise. Is peer-reviewed and reviews its peers. A guy who thinks assumptions derived from logic which are based on facts are important, but still gets annoyed about silly things (like when the timer on a microwave is left with only a seconds on the clock). Thinks fairy tales belong in movies and books, not in real life. Thinks it is okay to not know things (but strive to know what is not known) and to not matter (which I consider my default mode). Likes to go faster than the speed limit and does this every now and then … on a racetrack. Keeps on accumulating mutations and other genetic aberrations and passed some of these on.



I’m also on Twitter and I have published a few academic articles (note the word “few”) and this is the team I race with. At times I also write for this blog and I used to write for this blog.

If you have questions, comments, information about Eline or similar cases, or would like to write a guest post, please contact me at dpmelters@me.com

All my blog postings are my opinion only. My blog postings do not represent directly or indirectly any group or institution I might be affiliated with.

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