Six years.

What is there to add. Another year by. Yet, it still feels like yesterday. The pain. Not so much the pain of your death. I don’t like it, but I have come to accept that. I have peace with your death. The pain comes from how your death was treated. The injustice. The indifference. The feeling of betrayal. They are still as sharp as the blade of a knife. Still taking a jab. Every day. Day after day.

I miss you, zusje.


3 thoughts on “Six years.

  1. ton lansbergen

    In gedachte aan je zus blijf ik vechten om recht te halen voor Lesley T
    Hou je taai,groeten ton


  2. Astrid Storm

    Daniël ,
    We zijn in gedachten bij jullie vandaag. Voelen dezelfde pijn….
    We zullen kaarsjes voor Eline branden. Hoop zo dat dit opgelost wordt.
    Lieve groet van ons, Astrid en Fam.


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