Eline’s case remains closed

A quick update. A more elaborate one will follow soon.

On December 8th, 2009, when Eline died, the police and Public Attorney quickly concluded that Eline committed suicide. At first her boyfriend was arrested, but soon after released.

Now, July 2nd 2015, the public attorney’s office informed us that the analysis of some of the evidence that gathered then, but never analyzed, does not give them reason to doubt their initial conclusion of suicide.

We are back at square one.

2 thoughts on “Eline’s case remains closed

  1. ton lansbergen

    Hallo Daniel,misschien heb je het in de krant gelezen maar ik heb een verklaring afgelegd op het politieburo ivm L.Timmer.
    Mijn verklaring is naar de belgische politie.
    Als je iemand kan vinden die meer weet over je zus,en dat zal best,kan je de zaak weer openen
    Groeten ton


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