DNA evidence in case Lesley Timmer not investigated

A quick note.

Today, Sébas Diekstra, the lawyer of Lesley Timmer‘s family, announced that DNA evidence was found in the shoelaces of Lesley. The donor of this DNA sample is of unknown origin. Yet, the shoelaces were used to tie up his legs and hands before he fell down the J.F. Kennedy-bridge in Liège, Belgium, over 240 km away from him hometown of Delft, the Netherlands.

An earlier analysis by Frank van de Goot (his recent dissertation) found that his wounds did not match with a fall from a bridge. Altogether, an image emerges in this particular case very similar to Eline Melters’ case: evidence was gathered, but not investigated, because the conclusion ‘suicide’ was already made and thus no further investigation is required.

In my sister’s case I am not familiar with any intention by the public attorney’s office in Maastricht to analyse the evidence to determine who donated the blood found on the scenes. All they agreed to do was analyse the blood spatters found at Kloosterstraat 4a, about 120 meters from where Eline died.

The cases of Talitha, and Iris van den Hooff differ here: little evidence was gathered at all and subsequently destroyed.

For me it remains obvious that proper forensic investigations must be conducted on any suspicious deaths in the Netherlands, not just where homicide is deemed the most likely conclusion. For as long as this does not happen cases like Eline Melters, Lesley Timmer, Michelle Mooij, Talitha, and Iris van den Hooff will keep popping up in the media. The victims here are not just those who died and their families, but first and foremost the validity of the Dutch legal system as a whole.

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