Eline Melters, Michelle Mooij, Talitha, Iris van den Hoof. Now add Lesley Timmer to the list of suspicious suicides.

In June 2010 Lesley Timmer, an 18-year old high school student from Delft, the Netherlands, goes missing. A parents worst nightmare. Several days later he is found seriously injured underneath the Kennedy bridge in Liege, Belgium. His feet and hands were tied together with his shoeties. Shortly afterwards Lesley died.

Sébas Diekstra, the lawyer of the Timmer family, says serious errors were made in the investigation of his disappearance and subsequent investigation in his death. Therefore he wants a new investigation into both his disappearance and his death.

Lesley’s father René informed the Dutch police in Delft when he reported his son missing that as of late he was very scared and he felt threatened. Once Lesley was found, a Dutch police officer went down to Liege and quickly concluded it was a suicide. The Dutch police also told the Belgian police that Lesley had psychological problems. René Timmer does not know how the Dutch police came to know this, as he is not familiar with any psychological problems of Lesley. Also, the missing persons file was entered in the wrong database by the police in Delft. This was possible because Lesley remained unidentified for a month in Belgium.

Despite the errors made by the Dutch police, their response to these complaints is that the investigation into the death of Lesley was done by the Belgian authorities. So any request to reopen the case should be made with them. The Dutch police also stressed that they cooperated with missing person program Tros Vermist, but no new information was gathered from this public request for information.

A complaint by René about the way the Dutch police handled the case was found valid in 2011. Major Jozias van Aartsen (The Hague) expressed his sympathy for how the police mishandled the investigation of Lesley’s disappearance.

I feel for Lesley’s family and I am glad that they kept kicking the door to try to get answers. With the current Dutch legislation there are no other options. It is disturbing that more and more cases such as Eline, Michelle, Talitha, Iris, and now Lesley hit the media. It clearly emphasises that the Dutch police and Public Attorney’s Office is too eager to determine an unnatural death a suicide. How many more cases will be added to this list in the upcoming years?

Note: Sébas Diekstra is also the lawyer of Talitha‘s family. Also in this case, for which the public attorney has publicly apologized for having made the erroneous conclusion that Talitha committed suicide, Diekstra requested a new investigation to be started.

5 thoughts on “Eline Melters, Michelle Mooij, Talitha, Iris van den Hoof. Now add Lesley Timmer to the list of suspicious suicides.

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  3. ton

    Vlak voor de verdwijning kwam ik Lesley timmers tegen op de plantage in delft en hij was toen van zijn fiets gevallen en ik heb hem samen met zijn vriend weer overeind geholpen
    Hij had flink zijn hoofd gestoten en geschaafd en ik heb hem wel gezegd dat hij langs een dokter moest gaan.
    Het leek me toen niet belangrijk totdat ik het vandaag zag op internet dat hij meer verwondingen had.


  4. ton

    Wat ik het meeste mis bij al deze zaken in de voorgeschiedenis van iemand.
    Een depressie of psychose wordt veroorzaakt door angst.
    Waar was iemand zo angstig voor?
    Dat is de vraag die beantwoord moet worden.
    Niet de politie maar alleen de familie en kennissen kunnen deze vraag beantwoorden.
    Want het is niet zo dat iemand van de ene op de andere dag besluit om er een eind aan te maken.


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