Charges pressed against senior police officer in Talitha’s ‘suicide’

A short while ago I wrote a piece about the suspicious “suicide” of Talitha. Today, Wednesday, November 19th, the saga continues. According to a news report the lawyer of Talitha’s family, Sébas Diekstra, has pressed charges against a senior police officer. Near the body of Talitha the police found a note. According to the senior police officer the note contained times at which the train would depart for the nearby town of Heerhugowaard as well as the route which she needed to walk from the train station to the location just outside Heerhugowaard where she was found. There is also mention of a fence near this remote location.

After some time Talitha’s family received the note. To their surprise the note did not contain a route description or any mention of a fence. It did have times for the train to Heerhugowaard, but these times were for a different than April 16/17th, 2013.

For the police this note was their ‘smoking gun’. It would explain why Talitha took a 1.5 hour train ride to a town she doesn’t know well and walk for 30 minutes to a remote location to commit suicide. The various bruises on her body were ignored, even though these were estimated to have been obtained minutes or hours before her death and not a consequence of having been run-over by a train.

Now Diekstra has taken official steps to try to move the public attorney’s office (Openbaar Ministerie) to prosecute a senior police officer for perjury by filing an official police report (proces verbaal) with the police. Even if Diekstra is correct with his assertions and he has all the evidence to make the case for the police as straightforward as possible, I would be extremely sceptical if the pressed charges would be followed up by a police investigation and subsequent prosecution by the public attorney.

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