Letters expressing love for Eline

As we are waiting to hear from the DA in Maastricht, why not start giving Mart and his family a more personal “face”.

Detective Helga Krekels asked us if Mart and his family could attend the official remembrance service for Eline on Tuesday December 15th, 2009. Upon hearing that their request was denied, Mart and his family arranged for their own make-shift service which they held days before the official service at the spot where Eline died (in front of the St. Martinus church in Urmond).

These are the letters Mart and his mother left behind:

Letter by Mart

It says:

Dear love,

You have had a lot of pain, sadness, fear and misunderstanding. That time is now over! You shall find the peace you deserved much earlier. We had difficult but especially beautiful times together which I will not and don’t want to forget!

You were a beautiful person from the inside and the outside. Even if you thought very different about it. Up there they will make it clear to you and you will see it yourself. People made you believe things differently. But those people are your breath and love not worthy.

Dear sweetheart, it is fine now you may go and find peace. We will meet again one day.

You are in my heart forever and no one can touch that.

-x- lots of love, your angel -x-

Letter by Lenie Palmen-Stroucken (Mart’s mother) and Jos (Mart’s stepfather)

It says:

Dear girl

It is ok, girl.

We thank you forever for all your strength and determination, which for other that was so clearly present. For you, this strength, was not possible. It was too much, too heavy. We are grateful that you entered our lives. We know you can recover now and may you find peace.

Loads of love, Lenie and Jos

It is clear that Mart, Lenie, and Jos expressed their love for Eline.

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