Eline Melters in Hart van Nederland – transcript

Earlier today (2013.03.17) the Dutch national news show Hart van Nederland (Heart of the Netherlands) made a short report of our second request to re-open the case. You can enjoy the Dutch presentation here (in its entirety | Eline’s segment).

Here is the translated transcript (hier in Nederlands) of Eline’s segment:

Eline’s sister Nadia – We’ll keep on knocking on doors until we have everything and we get all the answers to our questions. As next of kin we have that right.

Eline’s father Rudy – You always want answers as a parents and details, so we can give it a place.

Heart of Netherland’s reporter (HvN) – On December 9th, 2009, Eline ran out of her house on the Kloosterstraat, screaming. She managed to walk several tens of meters, only to collapse at this field and die. Very quickly the police came to a remarkable conclusion.

Cindy Reijnders, District Attorney’s office Limburg (CR) – Trace evidence has been gathered. We considered the report by the pathologist (1) as well as witness accounts of those who were present at the crime-scene (2). This led us to the conclusion we drew in 2009, namely according to us this wasn’t a murder, but a suicide.

HvN – Eline’s former boyfriend was with her during the stabbing and told the police she was psychotic and that she stabbed herself with the knife. Eline’s family doesn’t believe this.

Nadia – When you are a boyfriend and in such a situation and you see things are wrong, you go look for help. You call 1-1-2 (Dutch equivalent of 9-9-1, red.) and that didn’t happen. There are so many contradiction that we think something isn’t right here. She was enjoying her life. She had so many plans and she was a very lively and .. eh yes … young girl.

HvN – You don’t just stab yourself three times in the chest and then run away?

CR – Yes indeed, that is very difficult to explain, but you need to know all the facts and circumstances (3). And people who are psychotic (4) can do very bizarre things.

Rudy – You can never completely exclude it. You have to keep all options open. The only problem that we have is that in the meantime we have learned various things and talked with a lot people and the facts we know now don’t match with the story of the DA. And if the DA has all the facts: please! We would be eager to have them.

HvN – Eline’ family send another letter to the DA in Limburg. They want the entire police file and demand that the DA re-opens the case.

Nadia – You cannot live like this. They have not … not only is Eline gone. They also destroyed … our lives. We have to learn to live with Eline’s loss, but I have feel that asking for the truth is not too much too ask. Just cooperate.

HvN – You won’t give up until you have answers?

Rudy – No. No, I think this is what we have to do for our daughter.

As you might have noticed, there are four numbers in brackets. These numbers represent the following notes.

(1) The (forensic) pathologist’s report (of the NFI) wasn’t written up until March 12th, 2010, whereas the case was closed on December 9th, 2009. Alternatively, Cindy Reijnders could have meant that forensic doctor who came to the crime-scene, but this person is and was not a pathologist. It would seem that the statement by Cindy Reijnders does not fit the facts.

(2) Does Cindy Reijnders claim there was another person present during the stabbing, besides Eline and her boyfriend or is she referring to the entire region  between and including the location Eline was found and Kloosterstraat 4a?

(3) That is exactly what we would like to know. All the facts and circumstances that the DA had in their possession allowing them to make their conclusion of suicide. Of course, this is assuming these are all the facts and circumstances that could have been known, except we know this is not the case.

(4) This is the first time the DA clearly stated that Eline was psychotic. Up to now they used vague terms. We are very interested to know which physician made this medical diagnosis and when this diagnosis was made. We know for a fact that the GP did not do this.

All in all, we hope to hear back from the DA with a written response addressing all our concerns in detail. We hope this response comes sooner rather then later.

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