Kubica has left the building

Eleven weeks after a terrifying accident, Robert Kubica has been discharged from the hospital.

On February 6th of this year, Kubica was taking part in a minor rally in Italy, called Ronde di Andora. He went through a slippery right hander, had to correct his car, slid against the barriers and normally you can either continue or you are out with damage to the suspension. In this case, he bounced of the wall and came back to it hitting a guardrail head on. Again, normally nothing bad will happen, but in this case the guardrail penetrated the car at the level of the footing area, entering the car and nearly severing off Kubica’s right arm and hand. After a 7 hour long operation at the Santa Corona hospital in Pietra Ligure, his hand and arm were saved.

With the Lotus Renault R31 showing great promise to be a regular podium-contender, there were high hopes that Robert Kubica would finally break through a serious championship contender. With his crash in the fog around the right hand bend passing San Sebastiano church, these hopes have crumbled.

Kubica went home to Monoca and will soon start his revalidation-program with dr. Ceccarelli. When he will be able to return to racing or even Formula 1 will become clear during the summer.

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